Corporate Policies

Corporate Policies


We value our relationship with each and every employee, owing to the success we have been able to achieve because of each one of their efforts.

Each and every employee is inspired to be at their best as individuals and part of a winning team.

Work place Human rights is part of our corporate Policies that has enabled us to being a successful premium Stock market tips Provider.

Relationship managers are trained to maintain cordial relationship with all our clients, exceeding their expectations shows a strong sign of optimism.

Environmental Policy

We recognize our responsibility towards nature, and hence we at Bonanza Capital Solutions have owed to do our part towards preserving our environment for our future Generations.

  • The usage of Paper is reduced to the maximum and we substitute the paper work with electronic media.
  • Proper recycling measures are undertaken on any paper that is used in Bonanza Capital Solutions.
  • We encourage the use of recycled paper on unavoidable circumstances where we cannot eliminate the usage of paper.
  • We make use of energy efficient lighting systems, air conditioning systems, computer Systems.
  • Rain Harvesting systems are deployed in our campus just to make sure that we do our part in maintaining ground water source.

Social Responsibility

We as Individuals have certain Social responsibilities, and, as a company the part we can play just gets bigger, thus, we take pride in being able to do our part to the society.

We are constantly working on contributing as much as possible towards the GDP of our country; with aggressive expansion we believe we can even contribute more towards the same cause.

As a crucial social responsibility, we are creating Employment opportunities on a scale that we can best support, which in turn would help us bring down unemployment rates in our country.

Bonanza Capital Solutions actively takes part in social awareness campaigns.